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Updated 10/2018

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Cabinet Groups & Series

3000 Group - Plycore Overlay Series with Plywood Core

6000 Group - Mobile Series

7000 Group - Library Series

  • 7120 Oxford II
  • 7280 Oxford II
  • 7122 Bradford
  • 7282 Bradford

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Version 2016

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What is StevensDraw?

Autocad Based Parmetric Cabinet Drawing Utility

StevensDRAW is a computer aided drafting tool designed to help architects and Stevens dealers produce elevation drawings of commercial casework using Stevens products. It is not necessary to know any of the Stevens model numbers, since an extensive search feature allows you to quickly specify the kind of cabinet you want and then preview the results of the search in a dialog box.

Once the required cabinets in an elevation have been selected, StevensDRAW will place counter tops on base cabinets, call out all visible end panels, insert wall symbols and fillers as needed, and generate a side view of the elevation. All of this is done automatically by using the “Finish Elevation” option within StevensDRAW. In addition to creating elevation drawings, StevensDRAW will assist you in creating the specifications for the casework in a text file.

The specifications are created in CSI format and can be printed using your system’s text editor. The StevensDRAW software is integrated in AutoCAD and is compatible with AutoCAD 2000 and up. Because it is not just a symbol library, StevensDRAW offers greater design flexibility, an almost unlimited number of cabinet sizes and combinations, and requires a minimal amount of hard disk space.

How Do I Obtain a Copy of StevensDraw?

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