Bill Lane of Stevens Industries, Inc., to present at Decorative Surfaces Conference

October 8, 2014
By Amanda Emmerich

Stevens Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce that Bill Lane, Marketing and Distribution Manager, will be presenting at the upcoming Decorative Surfaces Conference in Chicago. The Decorative Surfaces Conference brings together contemporaries from throughout the surface industry to discuss advances in the field. Lane’s specific presentation will focus upon recent trends, and the growing demand for European styles and decor.

Designed to complement this market demand is the new Legno Collection from Stevens Industries. Legno is a precisely-matched, true grain to texture, lending itself to rich, robust furniture applications. Stevens is the first manufacturer in the United States to have capabilities to produce this product, termed embossed in registration, for furniture application.

Of the presentation, Lane said, “Current trends continue to increase the demand for contemporary, European style finished furniture. We’re eager to share that with today’s innovative technology in printing and plate manufacturing, duplication of real world items is at a new level of perfection. Combining several needs and wants from the consumer, ranging from design to sustainability, today’s surfacing provides an answer and a solution to those needs. We at Stevens pride ourselves on being “The Solutions Company.””

At the recent International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, existing and potential customers were drawn to the state-of-the-art product. Staff received tremendous positive feedback and enthusiasm from those viewing the Legno Collection for the first time. Stevens has long been considered an industry leader in the field of woodworking manufacturing. This year’s IWF show marked the tenth anniversary of Stevens debuting wood grain finishes on thermofused laminate to the international audience.

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